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Pcm Design has distinguished itself in the door sector in the main Italian and foreign markets, creating sophisticated and elegant products, able to meet the new and constantly evolving classic and modern trends. The company has entered the interior door market with the Luì brand, which has increasingly distinguished itself in the Italian market to become the reference point in the domestic scene. The possibility of customizing the rooms they adorn, the design and the quality of the finishes diversify the Luì doors, transforming a simple domestic accessory into a reference point of the furniture.
Enthusiasm, teamwork and real values ​​guide Pcm Design in the production of carefully designed, detailed and superior quality doors. The sole purpose of a door is not to divide the space, but to become an essential accessory for the home.
The reasons for the success and growth of the company lie in the company philosophy that aims to be the precursors of products that anticipate trends and renew their aesthetic and quality value over the years. The exclusive finishes are a guarantee of exclusivity and personality.

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