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NAVARTI was founded in 1972 in the city of Onda, in the province of Castellón. Leading company in Spain specialized in the production of ceramic for floors and wall tiles. Since its inception, it has always invested in the research and development of new technological systems that have allowed it to produce not only large quantities (today the company produces 65,000 square meters of tiles a day), but also a superior quality of the products that are now placed in the markets of 80 countries distributed in the 5 continents.
Navarti tiles have a high resistance:
  • to bending and breaking;
  • abrasion;
  • to thermal shock;
  • high chemical and stain resistance.
The latest production facilities for the production of high quality porcelain stoneware and latest generation optical readers, which control the entire production cycle, guarantee the perfection of each single tile. All this has enabled NAVARTI to further strengthen its competitiveness in export markets. Excellent quality products at affordable prices. The vast range of models, finishes, colors and patterns makes the NAVARTI ceramics applicable in any context, from the classic to the most modern. The various dimensions of the formats respond to the different aesthetic and functional requirements of any designer, designer and end customer. The available sizes of the floors are: 30 × 30 - 30 × 60 - 45 × 45 - 45 × 90 - 60 × 60 - 60 × 120 - 75 × 75 - 120 × 120 - 90 × 180.

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